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Annual In Section Of The Car
Annual In Section Of The Car
The car should do inspection every year. New car within 6 years is every two years£¬ but some new car should to inspect the exhaust every year. Over 15 year¡¯s car may do inspection every half year. Over 9 seats car should do inspection every 6 month after 10 years.   You can check your car license to know the expire date of the inspection, and to do inspection in the last three month before expire date.  It is the last line on the right page of the car license. According to the Chinese traffic rules; all cars should have a valid inspection before they are driven on the road. Your insurance will be considered invalid and you will be fully responsible for any damage in case of an accident without a valid inspection. Please clean the violations before inspecting the car. The car¡¯s violation records on the web of government must be cleaned before inspection.
Just register your car information and the expire date of inspection, we will give you a reminder before the expire date of car inspection. And we will assist you on the inspection procedure. We will arrange a driver pick up your car to do inspection, after inspection we will deliver the car back to you.
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