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According to the Chinese traffic rules, all cars should have a valid insurance before they are driven on the road. Your car will be seized and you will be fully responsible for any damage in case of an accident without insurance. And your car can not get a government inspection without insurance.
Just register your car information and the expired date of your car insurance, we will give you a reminder before expire date of your car insurance. And we will assist you get a new insurance contract every year.

What insurance is required for a car? Most of freigners don't know what kind insurance should apply for their car.When an accident happened, some of them can not get a payment from insurance company. The reason is that they don't know the effect of each insurance coverage. When they bought insurance, they only according to the price of each coverage to choose insurance for their car.some important insurance coverage was missed when they choose it.

Normally, the insurance offer comprehensive insurance for car owner which includes the following coverage:

1.Traffic Compulsory Liability Coverage

Compulsory for all cars according to the policy. It pays for the damage when you injure someone, damage another vehicle or other property in an auto accident.it mainly pay for the third party's lost in the accident.

This coverage is a must for all the cars. without this coverage, new car can not be registered, old car and not  finish government annual inspection. when accident happened, the car owner should take full responsiblity for accident, even it is not car owner's mistake for accident. without this coverage, the other insurance coverage of the car can not take effect.

2.Vehicle Damage and loss Coverage

It helps pay for the damage and loss caused by collision with another vehicle, collision with an object, a rollover, fire, flood, wind, hail, etc. it mainly pay for the car owner's loss on the car.

3.Third Party insurance

It pays for the damage if you are legally responsible for accidentially injuring someone, or damaging another vehicle or other property in an auto accident.It mainly pays for the third party.

it is similar with "Traffic Compulsory Liability Coverage" mainly pays for the loss of third party. This coverage is a make up of "Traffic Compulsory Liability Coverage". Because the "Traffic Compulsory Liability Coverage"payment for third party is a lower payment.it totally payment is only 122000RMB.In case big accident happen. it is not enough for the loss of third party.if the car owner don't have the third party insurance,the loss of third party over 122000RMB in accident. They insurance company only pay 122000RMB,the car owner should pay the balance to the third party by themself.

If they choose the tird party insurance, the insurance company will according to the coverage limitation to pay the third party. you'd need pay by yourself.

4.Coverage for persons on the vehicle

It pays for death, disability, medical expenses for covered persons on your own vehicle due to an auto accident.

5. Robbery and Theft Coverage

It pays for the loss and damage when the vehicle is robbed or stolen.

6.Broken Glass Coverage

It pays when the windscreens or windows are broken.

7.Scratch Coverage

Vihicle which is within three years and nine seats can apply for this coverage. It mainly pays for the car scratch.

8.Irrespective of Percentage Special Clause

Means that all loss or damage due to a peril insured against is collectible in full, without a franchise having to be reached, or a deductible applied. without this coverage the insurance only pay 80% of the lost. If choose this coverage, the insurance company will pay all the lost in accident.

According to your requirement to apply car insurance!!


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