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Car model show

Baicomotor Weiwang

2016model,  1.5T  new car,  MT,  leather seats,  with air condition,  electricity windows and door,  navigation, around 600km.

Leasing fee : 4200RMB/ month

Ford Focus

 Model 2010, Ford Focus,AT, 1.8L,with sunroof, textile seats,od aircondition and heating, electricity windows and door, 140000km.

Renting fee:3500RMB



 Benz,GLA Shi Shang Kuan,2.0L,AT,leather seats,aircondition electricity windows and door,  navigation,  sunroof,  Bluetooth,  Cruise control Seat heating.

Leasing fee:


Cherry Tiggo /SUV 

2008 model with leather seats , manual Transmission, with air codition and heating systerm.

Leasing fee : 3000RMB/ month


Ford Max

7 seatd car, 2.3L,AT, leather seats,with sunroof,good aircondition and heating systerm,with Navigation, with big space, it fit for family with more children.

Leasing fee: 4800RMB


Toyota EZ

 7seats car, 1.8L, AT,leather seats, electricity windows and door,with sunroof,good aircondition and heating systerm.

 It is fit for family with more children.

 Leasing fee :4800RMB/month



TOYOTA Corolla 

5 seats, AT, 1.6L, with leather seats, sunroof, GPS. good air condition and heating systerm, In a very good condition.         



Greatwall Hover

Greatwall Hover,2008Model,2.4L,MT,leather seats,with sunroof,electricity windows and door,aircondition,about80000km.

Ford Focus 

Renting fee:3500RMB/month


Nissan Teana

2011 model Nissan Teana,2.5L AT,5 seats, with leather seats, sunroof, GPS, one key start, in a very good condition.

Leasing fee:6000RMB/month


Jiang Huai Refine/7 seats

2010 model Jang Hua Refine. Manual Transmission, 2.0L , 7 seats car. electricity windows and door.

Asking price:4500RMB/month




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