The procedure to sell car is complicated,If you can prepare all the related documents ready before the   procedure, you can save a lot of time on the procedure.


The seller should offer:

1.Car License /行驶证

2.Registration Cerificate /登记证

3.Seller’s ID or passport/卖方身份证或护照

4. Purchase Invoice/购车发票

5.Usage Tax Book/购置税本

6.All the related Insurance Paper /所有相关的保险单

7. Other related docuements in procedure/相关的过户所需文件

8.Key of the car/车钥匙

9.maintenance book/维修手册

Please note: If the seller is a diplomatic and he is the first owner of the car, he doesn't need offer the Usage Tax Book.


The buyer should offer:

1. ID Card or Passport

2. Passport with one year Visa /买方护照带一年签证

3. Temporary Residence Form/临时居住证明

please not: If the buyer is a diplomatic, he only need offer the diplomatic ID Card.


( Car Solution can offer transfer ownership service, for more questions and assist on the transfer procedure, please contact with us)