Because the new police on the car, the Second hand of car marketing is not active as before. So how to sell the car easily becomes a problem for sellers.  Some of sellers even don¡¯t have time to sell the car before leaving china. This will lead to many problems in the future, especially for the diplomatic; they will lose a lot of money on the car.

Car Solution suggest the clients who want to sell their car make plan for selling at least two month before they   leaving

They can sell the car by the fallowing method:
1. Contact with car solution and let us know your departure date, car solution will according to your time to
   arrange the schedule of selling car.
2. Car Solution will arrange the car expert come to you, the expert will give an estimate on your car
   according to the car condition and marketing price.
3. Please show all the car documents to car solution, so that we can ensure the car documents are complete to
   avoid some unexpected things happen on the selling procedure.
4. Car Solution will take picture for your car to put on the web of car solution
5. Car Solution will introduce you the potential buyer
6. Car Solution will control the transfer procedure for you to ensure all the procedure was finished properly.
7. For the client who wants to extend the quota for purchasing a new car, car solution will assist on the 
   procedure of extending. So that you can buy a new car smoothly.

(The client can buy a new car through Car Solution, please come to ¡°buying car¡± to find your interested car)