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Diplomatic Car Should Finish The Purchase Tax Free Procedure Before Applying Diplomatic Car Plate Fr

All the diplomatic knew  the regulation that they are tax free to pucahse new car in Chinese market. So the diplomatic never do some tax procedure in the chinese Tax Bureau for so many years.

In the recent years, the chinese government is trying to complete the tax procedure from allround. The diplomatic tax free procedure is empty in the government before. So the government asked to apply for usage tax free before issue the new purchased car insurance from year 2013.

From 29th January 2015, the traffic office issued new regulation that the diplomatic must finish the car purchase tax free procedure before issuing the diplomatic car plate. That means no matter the diplomatic register new car or second hand car, you must ensure that you finished the tax procedure​.

When the tax procedure was done, the tax office will  issue a tax book which marked " tax free"  to the diplomatic.

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