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New Regulation on The Diplomatic Imported Car

The enviroment office has new regulation on the diplomatic imported car at the begaining of 2015.

The IMPORTED car must fit for the Euro 5 B standard.
The Euro 5 B standard have the following features:
1. The car has OBD Systerm.
2. The car has IUPR(In-Use Performance Ratio) Systerm.

IUPR is a statistical legistlative tool for judging the everyday diagnostic frequency beavior of a vehicle type(resp.of a certified OBD family)

This new regulations started in Janaury, the new testing systerm just start to work in the government in these two days. As expirence, Europe car and American car wthin two years are fit for the Euro 5 B standard.


Some car Car  without OBD systerm can not fit for Euro 5 B standard, Even it is within 2 years.(for example, some Middle East cars)

For any questions on the imported car,please contact with Beijing Car Solution.




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