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How to Get a Motorcycle Driving License

The Person Who Already Get A Chinese Driving License

The client who alrady get a Chinese car driving license but wihout the motorcycle driving item,

he can only drive car, can not motorcycle.

If he wants to drive motorcycle in Beijing, he must prepare the documents as following:

  • Chinese driving license is over one year 
  • Passport with Chinese visa each staying in Beijing is more than 91 days 
  • Registration Form of Temporary Residence 
  • 5 pieces of one inch color picture with white background
  • Medical Inspection Form

(If you are diplomatic who take ID card don't need offer Passport and Registration For of Temporary Residence)

If you have a chinese car driving license you can supplement motorcycle driving item.

This kind of driving license can be used in other countries.

If you don’t have a chinese car driving license, you can apply for a motorcycle driving license.

This kind of motorcycle driving license only can be used in China. It can not be used in other countries.

Type of Motorcycle Driving License:

1.Price of two wheels motorcycles:1960RMB

   If you apply for two wheels motorcycles, you can not use the motorcycle driving

   license drive three wheel motorcycles.

2.Price of three wheels motorcycle :2260RMB

  If you apply for three wheels motorcycle, you can use it drive two wheel motorcycles

You need enter for three tests:

  • First test: traffic regulation test
  • Second test: driving test
  • Third test: driving on road test

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