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Convert Foreign Driving license into Chinese Driving License


The client Who has driving experience with a foreign driving license

According to Chinese Traffice regulation that the driver who is in Beijing can not drive without a Chinese Driving License. The foreigner who wants to drive in Beijing must hold a Chinese driving license, the Foreign Driving License and International Drivering License is not valid in China.

A lot of foreigners have driven for many years; they want to drive in China. So the Chinese government allowed them to tranfer their Foreign Drivering L icense into Chinese Driving License. They don't need come to the driver's school to learn from zero.

But the process is rather complicated, they need visits several locations, and many people do not have time or language skills to figure it all out. Beijing Car Solution takes much of the pain out of the process and can get you a legal drivering license efficiently.

Note that we can't get you a "fake" license, and anyone who tells you that they can is putting your safety and security in jeopardy. You still have to take the test, but we facilitate everything, provide study materials and generally minimize the time that you need to invest in the process. You should prepare the following documents for the transferring procedure.

  • Passport with valid visa (Chinese) each staying more than 91days in Beijing 
  • Foreign driving license
  • 4 pieces of one inch color picture with white background
  • Registration Form of Temporary Residence

For the client from Embassy with a diplomatic ID card should prepare the document for transfer:

  • Diplomatic ID card
  • Foreign driving license
  • Medical inspection Form
  • 4 pieces of one inch color picture with white background 

    (Note: The foreigner with a Dipolmatic ID Card don't need enter for the test)

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